Hy Electronic (Cayman) Limited

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DongChen Electronics Established in 2009, Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Senior team from Silicon Valley of the USA. As a design center, Dongchen provides worldwide sales and support with the highest levels of experience and expertise. We are starting our eleventh year of reliable support and quality products. A growing network of Distributors and Sales Reps support the sales activities across countries and regions. Under the Dongchen brand, the company manages and markets the products of a limited number of joint venture, Asian-based factories. All manufacturing is done by ISO 14001 and QS 9001 certified factories ensuring the highest quality of process control and product assurance operations. Our mission is to offer a complete product portfolio Bridges, Diodes, Rectifiers, Schottky, Transient Voltage Suppressors,Thyristor Surge Suppressors,Gus Discharge Tube and Zeners and the service and support to meet all of your Discrete product requirements. Additional sales and service locations have been opened in the Malaysia, Singapore,South Korea. Furthermore, added resources have been placed in Hong Kong and China. These additions were made to increase worldwide support for Dongchen's multinational customers, as well as to increase worldwide presences. With the strong background of R&D and manufacturing experience, we had delivered numbers of solution to the different market segments such as consumer electronics, Telecom and Networking, Industrial Automation and Automotive. Continue with our design culture, DongChen Electronics, with the mission to deliver better Performance, Quality and Reliability products to the customers.